Of fear and faith.  

Posted by Artimus Jones

Soon I will be treking across the country and back again with my good friend and roomate, Mike, and possibly my brother, Joel. It will just be us and our required supplys in a car for three months or as long as the money holds out. I have dreamed of doing this for years and years, and now it is going to finally happen. I am captivated by the freedom in the idea. It feels so romantic to me to just go without any idea of what the next day, much less the next five min, will bring. I know we never really know, but we always have an idea based on routine. This trip however will have no routine to it, or a very minimal one. Adventure will be at every turn and on ever golden horizon.

There are still several months left before we can take off on this trip, we probably won't leave till late May and we still have logistics planning to do. It feels like it will never come time to leave but at the same time I know it will come upon us so fast that we won't be fully prepared for it. I love it.

The other day I was thinking about what this all will mean in some great depth and I scared myself. I WON'T KNOW WHAT TOMORROW HOLDS! I know, as I said before, that we never know for sure, but to realize that I will be leaving all I know and find comfort in kinda freaked me out. It is exciting and invigorating think I will have no control but for the present. It is also a very sobering and scary thing. I want to go deperately, and I am afraid to leave because of what it might mean.

When I came to that conclusion I realized something else. My journey with God is the same way. I know that God has enormous things planned for me. Things I cannot even fathom. Life changing moments. Joy and pain. Laughter and Tears. I desire to experience all this soo very much. I want to go on this God adventure so desperately and yet find myself afraid to leave.

For months I would lay in bed and ask God why I haven't experienced the closeness with God I have been yearning for. I wanted to know what was missing. I didn't understand why. I know I had felt that closeness in the past, but only ever for fleeting moments. Now I know that all that time God was calling me to leave on a spiritual trek with Him and I heard the call but wasn't leaving because I was afraid. I am still afraid, and I still haven't left. I don't know how to leave or how to abandon my fear.

See, though there are similarities in the two trips, there are also some important differences. I have spent so much time in this physical plain that I understand how to move and act in it. I have learned enough to know how to manipulate my physical surrounding to actually do something. I can actually overcome my fear by simply putting one foot in front of the other. I am not as familiar with the spiritual world to simply let go. Why am I not as familiar...? Its probably due to a lack of faith I suppose. No matter how much will you have, if you don't have the muscle to move on the physical plain then you can't move. Faith is the muscle of the spiritual world and I haven't exercised it enough.

God told us he would never give us more than we can bear when testing our faith. I believe that is true, but far to often I have not even tried to flex my faith against the tests before me. I have just let things consume me. Just like building muscle is work, so is building faith and I just haven't been doing it.

I may never be able to bench press a mountain physically, but with time I will be able to move one with faith.


Finding Words  

Posted by Artimus Jones

I am always seeking out those combinations of words that stir the heart deep inside and evoke and feeling that spreads out to every limb. I seek them out in my writing of lyrics and poetry and prose; and I seek them out for my everyday language.

It is in my design; I often stumble over my words when speaking from a very emotional level because I want to do more than just express what I am feeling. I want people to actually feel it. I try desperately to find the string of words that will, by some affect of magic, transform their understanding to full experience. It's not easy to do.

For the increasing need for instant information communication, we have abandoned the art of speech. The great orators of our time are all nearly several generations old. We have forgone thoughtful and eloquent tongues for the atrocious abbreviations of the instant messaging world. Perhaps we have been sitting in the dull roars of our modern world for so long that we have forgotten the beauty of the spoken and sung words we were all gifted with. The backdrop sound has become so loud that shouting is the only way we can be heard and it has become nothing more than a whisper. I want to escape all this. I want to hear a whisper ring in my ears like a shout. I want to hear a shout that is so loud it makes the earth tremble. I want my ears to be filled every day with the beautiful sounds of silence so that the voice, when heard, conveys more emotion and beauty and life than I could ever contain pouring into me.

I will continue to seek out those words that radiate warmth from the center of ones soul out to the fingertips and emanate from the skin something like light. If all I ever find are words that evoke only a tenth of the power of the words God uttered when he spoke all creation into existence, they will still be greater and more beautiful than any words I have ever known before.


Overflow of the heart  

Posted by Artimus Jones

For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks...

Listen good for my heart is gushing forth with emotion and I can no longer contain what spills from my lips. I am so desprately torn apart in a furry of emotion. I feel as if I am loosing a friend, I am losing a friend.

When Christ spoke those words he was speaking of evil, but I believe they ring true in all occasions. My heart is bursting with tears and fear. I am crying deep in my soul for a friend/ a brother, who has walked away from his Father and Creator. He is full of anger and I sense even some hate in his voice and actions. I am scared to lose him, I am scared to see him struggling like this, and I am even more scared to become him. I take that last phrase back, I don't believe I could ever lose my faith in God, I have come to depend on him so much. What I am truely scared of is the fact that it is even possible to lose such faith.

I love God so much, he has blessed me so greatly, I am growing daily in my faith and learning more and more about the one who loves me. I don't understand how someones faith could be so shaken to turn away from such a loving and caring God. Only through a great deception can I imagine this to be possible. I think I have just become aware that Satan does exist.

I always knew Satan existed, but I think I treated his existence like one treats a figure in a history book. Real, but not someone I would ever have to cross or meet. I was so wrong. This here is a real enemy, really here, really standing over my shoulder, really a threat... There is a saying that suggest the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. There is alot of truth to that, but there is a second trick equally as good, that is convincing those that believe he exists that he is not a threat. I fell prey to this for too long.

My friend and brother knew God and still heard the lies and walked away from God. The only way to protect yourself is to do more than know God, but know him fully, follow him closely, love him dearly and seek his protection. Christ is the only one that can save us and it is only in his strenght that we can do anything. If you thought a title was enough to protect you I want you to know that a title does you little good against one so clever as Satan, intimacy is your protection. Intimacy with the Father.

Dear God hear me cry in my soul for my brother
know the love I have for him and bring him home
seek him with all you are and awaken his heart again
Protect him, protect me, and protect those that seek to know you



Posted by Artimus Jones

Who would have ever thought that I could be dealt such a blow that would leave me disoriented for days. One moment is all it took to let those words drop.

A friend of mine told me that he is walking away from his faith, from God. I don't understand that. But somehow I am affected by it. I never expected anyone to say that to me, and I never expected I would be hurt by such things.

If I am hurting like this I can't imagine how God must feel. The tears of the father must be like death.

Im sorry if I ever caused you pain.


I will cry for you  

Posted by Artimus Jones

I will cry for you
cause I don't understand
how you could just walk away like that

I will cry for you
like I cried for no one else
you put your faith on the shelf

I will cry for you
do you know how much I care
but it won't stop there

I will cry for you
until you walk back through the door
and then I will cry some more


dust and sweat and blood and dreams  

Posted by Artimus Jones

"It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat."
-- Theodore Roosevelt

I think I have read this quote before. Lets rephrase that, I KNOW I have read this quote before. And I have always found it to be a very encouraging piece of wisdom. It is absolutely incredible.

Presently I am seeking to follow some of my own dreams, and I am hoping to strive valiantly and spend myself for some worthy cause. However there has always been a certain amount of hesitation, it is the error and shortcomings and failings that scare me just enough to keep my feet from running when I hit the ground. Well, I don't want to hesitate anymore. I will be afraid, and I will love it. I want to feel my heart pounding in uncertainty, to feel my blood run hot with large doses of adrenaline. I want to know great enthusiasms, and great devotion.

I have often talked about traveling around this country and visting new places and revisiting old places and reminding myself of just how big God is and just where I fit in everything. I wanted initially to do this with my best friend from high school, and we talked about it often. He is married now, I don't think it is on his radar anymore. But I am not done with the dream yet. So I will go with my bandmate, roomate, and friend. I final independant adventure before a lifetime relationship adventure with many adventures along the way.

I have always wanted to do this, just like I have always wanted to start a band and run my own business. I have done two of those things, I just have this one left. Don't worry, I have plenty more dreams to chase after this, but I think the timing is right for this one. I have always wanted to do it, that should be enough reason.

Im sure there will be more of this to come. Keep checking and I'll keep posting.


So this is grace  

Posted by Artimus Jones

I am frusterated. There it is, three simple words that sums up everything I am feeling at the moment. the only problem is that I don't know that I can put words to the reason(s) why I am frustrated that would do that/those reason(s) justice. I guess I might as well try.

This is what I have been thinking about lately. Am I who I say I am? And that question invariably calls up the question, Am I who I think I am? No, I don't believe I am.

I walk around claiming to be a follower of Christ. But everyday it seems I turn my back on Him in some way. And as if that wasn't bad enough, afterwards I really desire to feel His arms around me or feel His hand on my back and have Him tell me its alright. And the worst part is... He does!!! He forgives me, everytime I come crawling back to Him, He forgives me, and gives me a hug, and tells me its alright. He knows I will probably turn my back on Him again, but He still takes me back. I don't understand that. I guess that is what you call grace.



Posted by Artimus Jones

The profundities of life come during the most unanticipated moments. This is what I learned today, brilliance is simple. No, I am not saying that it is easy to be brilliant, though maybe it is for all I know. I am saying that the truely brilliant things ever done or concieved are truely plain and simple. They are the "why didn't I think of it" moments.

Here is an example. God made Adam,it was good, Adam was lonely, lonliness was not good, God made Eve, BRILLIANT!! It is so plain, and so simple, it was Brilliant.

So how does this relate to me... I was sitting alone in the shop wishing I had someone to talk to. I decided to go to Brooks pharmacy to get some food. I asked the girl at the counter how she was doing today. She told me all about how tired she was cause she had to get up at 6:30 and she won't get to sleep when she gets home cause she has to watch her brother and sister cause her mom is going into the hospital. All this said to a complete stranger. However, I felt better cause I had a conversation, I felt useful. And I imagine she felt better cause someone would listen to her. Outcome, two people feeling better.

The simple things always are.

- Art

Money Talks...  

Posted by Artimus Jones

Money talks... or so the saying goes. I think it is true. I know that in my life I am always in constant communication or argument with money. It has become a driving force in the world. It is a necessary evil. We have the ability to make it work for us, or we can end up working for it. The question is at what point are we using it and at what point does it start using us.

One would think that such opposite ends of the spectrum would run so very far from each other, creating an easily recognized and distinguishable point of beginning and ending. However that is just not the case. It is a fine line before you start to work for money.

I wouldn't say I have ever been wealthy. I have known before the suffocating feeling the lack of financial stability can bring. But then, though I am considered to fall below the poverty level for a single white male in VT, I am able to look around and recognize that for a "poor" guy, I am doing pretty well. So, being not wealthy, I am drawn to a desire to experiencing the freedoms we are told we will have when we are financially stable. And yet, not being poor, I haven't entirely grown to appreciate the things I do have.

So where does this all come from? Well, I have been trying to decide as of late what I am going to do as far as a job is considered in the coming months or years. I presently have a choice in front of me. I can become the Manager of Hosaku, the place I am working now, or I can become manager and business partner in a new Nextel store opening up. Take those things and toss in the added fact that I am currently working on my own start up company by the name of Amp'd Ink, and you have a big potential mess. Nextel is sure to offer me more money and benefits right now, however hours might be longer. In the long run it will also offer me money in the form of securities, if it does well, I do well. However, the whole while, I would still be working for a corporation. I want to be my own boss by starting something new, which I am doing. Ahh, here is another twist. I can work on my business at both locations. I like Hosaku, that is the only thing it really has going for it. So therefore it seems rather plain, there is an obvious choice. Why, then, am I here complaining of lack of direction. Cause I am confused, that is why.

Am I making my money work for me, or am I working for money if I take the obvious choice? Or, is this what God has for me? Or, are both choices equally valid and God is just going to make me choose?

How I wish that these things could be easier...


Something like magic...  

Posted by Artimus Jones

A thought, or an idea, like a pinprick of light, has been kneeding its way into my head for some time now. The idea is real spirituality. Though I am not sure I know fully what it is, it smacks of magic, but greater than illusion. Alchemey that goes deeper than the lead to gold images that word draws up. It is a life that has been forgotten, but not fogotten to the point of extinction. I want to remember this beyond magic.

It was something promised to us by Christ. He sent us a helper, his Spirit, the Holy Spirit, that we might do greater things than Christ did while he walked this earth. MEN WERE HEALED FROM THE FALLING OF A SHADOW OF THE DISCIPLES!! What have we done, I haven't even seen such things, but inside of me I desire to be apart of that greatness. I want to feel the glory of God surging through me. I want to be more than I am, how do I open up and let God's Spirit work in me. It is a struggle so deep that it moves beyond this physical world.

It is mans connection with nature, the living creation of our God. There is a connection. It is there where our heart resonates with the characters in epic tales, fighting with a strength deeper inside of them then we understand. It is on in the Middle Earth before the modern world. It is in the Deep Heaven which we stare at in wonder and awe. It is in the small we try to understand and the great we have not yet discovered. There is an undeniable longing and urgency that we all feel when alone in the booming silence of nature.

Some of us entertain the questions ontop of questions to rationalize our lack of answers. It helps us to deaden the longings we don't want to accept. It is like being blind in the woods, and you can hear the sounds of the road. The horses troting and men walking. But you trip and stummble in your search for the way back to the path. You can smell it, and it is so close it hurts. And so to kill the pain softly you sit, and you say the road can't exsist because you can't find it. You hope that will alleviate the fact that you can still sense it. But for all your atempts to kill your awareness, you still hear it, you still long for it.

I long for that intimacy with God. I want to feel Him course through my viens. That beyond magic. The real spirituality. Somehow I have to get up from my forest and find the road.



Posted by Artimus Jones

I don' t know that there is any particular reason that I should be back here writing. The one comment I received on my last post said nothing more than "blah, blah, blah". That isn't all together encouraging. But let it be known here and now, I am not complaining. I just discovered that I like writing just for me. If someone else reads it then wonderful, I love that. However, I enjoy going back and reading what I wrote from time to time. Therefore, I will keep writing for days in the future when I desire to read my thoughts.

Well, Im not sure that there is a whole lot of point to that paragraph, but it is written and it is staying.

One comment left for this post. I'm tired!!!!


Seriously, where are my peeps at?  

Posted by Artimus Jones

Wow, talk about a long time between posts, what is that... nearly a month? Woah, I need to post more often. It certainly isn't due to lack of things to say, I always have something I can say. Only the question remains, does anyone want to hear it? I guess that is a good question which I still haven't entirely found the answer to.

As I initially said in my first post (maybe it was the second... okay I just check and it turned out to be my seventh post, I really have been gone awhile) I think that anytime we write something it is because we want someone to someday read what we wrote, some part of us wants desperately to expose our deepest most intimate parts to the whole of another or many others, otherwise we would be too afraid to commit those closely gaurded areas of our lives to paper. Well, I am certainly not afraid to write. I think that one of the main reasons that I haven't been back to write on this in a while is because I was and still am unsure of what kind of readership I am getting. I would love to see someone post sometime in response to what I have to say. Don't let me live in my own egomainia assuming that all my thoughts are true and final. I need to be contradicted, I need to learn, otherwise how will I ever reach the day when I truely am right about everything? Ha, Ha, Ha!

Here is a little follow up, several posts back (Im not going to bother guessing how many this time) I mentioned an all night prayer and worship thing. Well it is going to happen tomorrow. It is so cool, I can't wait for it to get started. Also, just the other day my band, Corban, got its first website up in time for our first show on April 30th.

For now I am leaving, but I will promise to write more if you promise to read more. Deal? Deal.

...why am I not satisfied with that response?...


Something Big  

Posted by Artimus Jones

Im looking for something profound to write. All to often I sit down to write and expect to be the next great writer. The Saint Augustine of today. I think part of that comes from my desire to be remembered. I want to have an effect on the world. In fact, I want to change the world.

I have felt for a long time now that God has something big planned for me. I can't figure out how it is to play out though. Once, I remember very distinctly God was trying to tell me something. I wanted more of Him, I wanted the kind of relationship with Him that the heros of Christendom had. I wanted what everyone else had with God. Then He stopped me short and told me something. He said He wanted a relationship with me that was special. I wanted what everyone else had, He wanted what no one else had. A relationship unique to me.

Have I attained that yet?, I don't know, I don't think so. It is hard to reach a point when you don't know what it is you are reaching. I still believe I have yet to get there. Maybe when I get to where I am going with God I will have done something big, maybe I will have changed the world. Or maybe I already am and I can't see it. Maybe I spend to much time trying to figure out God, at least it keeps me busy.


The Valley of Apathy  

Posted by Artimus Jones

2 days ago I was walking along the top of a mountain, or rather near the top, expecting I was going to soon see the world in its beauty. From high above I anticipated seeing what God see's, the good in light of the bad. I was feeling pretty good, but I wasn't paying attention. For it is then that I began my decent into the valley of apathy. With every step I took I slid back without even recognizing that I was getting further away from where I needed to be.

Apathy is dangerous, I can feeling closing in all the time, and it takes all my effort to resist. I so desire to give in, to sit down and rest in nothing. But I am running, or as close to it as I can get. It is like running in the mud, a veritable struggle to lift each leg from the suction of the muck. In times like these I feel so far from God, though perhaps I am at my closest with Him, for I know that it is only through His provision that I have the strength to go on.

I am writing this no to concern everyone that reads this, nor do I desire to pull you in with me, because in the valley of apathy there can be many or there can be one, and it wouldn't matter cause you don't care. Rather I write to keep my head and my focus. In writing I remember and recognize those things that keep me from slowing. It is my friends, those that I love that beckon me on. It is the ones you never expected to listen that not only listen but listen with care that give me a boost and allow me to break the face of apathy with a smile. And its the ones that listened all the time, even when you had nothing to say, that help me to remain constant. And it is those that I may not see but I know keep me in memory and prayer that allow me to rest without falling prey to the valleys wiles.

Im not out yet, but I am hopeful that the end is near. Thank you all.


My little secret...  

Posted by Artimus Jones

I love writing. I always have. I can remember writing or drawing everytime I had a writing implement and paper. I even used to journal, but I could never seem to stick with that one. Inevitably my writing was all transformed to some form of poetry or lyric. Journaling never lasted for me for one specific reason. I couldn't and still can't grasp the idea of writing something that no one is going to look at.

I believe that when you write something it is because you desire to tell someone something. That at some point, at some time, either down the road or just across the street, you want what you have written to be read. Often times there is abit of fear in us to disclose our inmost secrets to a person formally and in person, so we write them down. Yet, just because we write them down doesn't mean we don't want them to be read. It is only a question of time. If you wanted your secrets to remain a secret you wouldn't have written them down in the first place. The best kept secrets between 3 men are when 2 of them are dead. I believe that was Ben Franklin, though I could be wrong.

As for me, my time is now, my thoughts and secrets are here, and my fear extends only as far as my signature.


The "Art" of Love...  

Posted by Artimus Jones

The things I don't know. Last night turned out to be quite a lesson for me as I tried to reconcile my mind and my heart. From time to time (though thankfully the time between the times is long) I find myself wondering if I love my girlfriend the way I should love her. There is never any question of the fact that I do love her, but I wonder if there is enough substance and foundation to our relationship in its present state to survive a relationship beyond dating. I told Lola (not her real name, and no she isn't a showgirl) about everything I was feeling, it was a good conversation. I just don't know if I am any further along now then i was before. I have spent a long time trying to learn about what love is. I took a whole semester to lead a Bible Study about love, I write about it, and think about it, and I feel like I know no more now then I did when I started. I have come to wonder if it is something one can ever understand.

A child has no problem grasping this concept. They have no acquired knowledge of love, they just do it. They love without question, and they do it better than most adults. Have I been so corrupted?

To steal an idea from Paul, I can have all the knowledge in the world, acquire every degree available, speak every language (including those of angels), write novels and symphonies, all this and more, but if I have not love it is nothing. I think I finally understand what he was trying to say.

It has taken me 22 years to learn something I probably innately knew from the start if I would have only listened. Perhaps I am lucky to have discoved it at such a young age, I know there are many who are still working on that concept. Yet I still feel like I am no closer with this understanding now then I was before. You see, the same problem still lies before me. I may know what Paul was trying to tell me, but actually having love the way a child has love, that is the ultimate challenge. May God help us all.


P.S. - This blog is more than just a forum for my musing, my waxing philosphical. I want to learn here as much as teach, please feel free to comment to anything I say, I welcome it.

Dreaming of dreaming...  

Posted by Artimus Jones

I have no idea what to write about. I started writing about dreams, but after about a paragraph and a half I backspaced half of it and then selected and deleted the rest (and I only did that when I realized hitting backspace was taking so long). I think I was just trying to be too profound. I love my dreams most of the time, and I really think God is trying to speak something to me through some of those dreams. Only problem is, Im not some kind of jungian analyst. Dreams escape me in my sleep and they escape me in real life. Maybe I ought not worry about it and just enjoy them for what they are. If God wants to speak to me, may I understand the words He is using.

Oh man, now I am tired, see what I get for thinking to early in the morning. Thats the end of that.


Hey! Look at me...  

Posted by Artimus Jones

Hey! Hey! Hey!
That is what the little boy outside the store keeps yelling. Over and over he repeats that word. He says it forcefully and with passion. Everytime someone walks by. Hey!
I miss the days when I could sit there and yell for the sake of hearing my voice. Then it was cute, or atleast expected of a kid of such a young age, now if I were to sit out there and yell Hey! over and over again they would probably remove me from the mall. It is funny how those things happen. The changes age brings.

Live it up kid, enjoy your cuteness and everthing it brings. Being sexy just doesn't have the same benifits. HA HA HA.

If you think about it, I guess that age of cuteness that brings with it soo many social graces doesn't truely end, it just gets post-poned. There is another age that allows you to act without inhibitions, here's to being a dirty old man. HEY!


Create a change.  

Posted by Artimus Jones

This whole creating things just doesn't seem to be working for me. It is a good thing I am not God or we would not have a day three at all, say goodbye to tuesday. I don't know what happened, I guess I just got too busy yesterday, but it was a good time all in all.

I don't know that I have alot to say about yesterday. I will say this however, my roomates girlfriend Kristen had a brilliant idea. All night prayer and worship! Is that not a great idea or what?! You know what is funny, if you had brought that idea to me as little as 5 years ago I don't know if I would have been so excited, I think I probably would have found it a very boring way to spend an entire night. That just goes to show you how much closer I am to God now then when I was first entering into college. If it wasn't for the people I met at IV, I wouldn't be the person I am now. As I got to know these people, I was encouraged by them to seek first God and his kingdom. I made it my desire to do that. Funny thing is, as I started to make this my desire I discovered it wasn't really my desire to begin with, God was forming me. He was and is working in my heart, cleaning and rebuilding areas all the time.

Best part yet. I am scheming again. I can't disclose too much information right away, but just know that it is going to be a pleasant suprise so long as God desires it.

Alright, that is a good start for today. Keep reading and I will keep posting.


The second day...  

Posted by Artimus Jones

On the second day God seperated the expanses and created sky... And me? I woke up with a twitchy eyelid. It has been along time since the last time my eyelid twiched, it is the most bizzare feeling in the world. It is like someone had attached a fishing line to my eyelid and would give it a few gentle tugs every few moments. Just enough for me remember I didn't have total control.

So far nothing particularly exciting has happened, but I suppose that is the problem with writing at the beginning of the day, not enough time has passed for major excitement. At least not today, but for that I am thankful, no sense in waking up and discovering half the world has floated off into space after being severed and set into motion by a gang of teenage extra terestrials who had too much to drink. Not that I really think that would ever happen. Im not sure what I think of the existence of aliens, doesn't much concern me at the moment though.

On the other hand, I do believe in the existence of other worlds, but not far off in space, rather right here among us. Not to try and scare anyone, but there is a spiritual battle going on and we go on completely unaware that we are the very ones whos fate rests on the outcome of the battle. It is the long time battle between good and evil, heaven and hell, God and Satan. God will win, do not doubt that, but make sure you know where you stand and which side you take, it is important, it is eternity. Why do I bring this up? I saw Constantine last night, it was a great movie. It strengthend in my mind the reality of the war, granted it was alot of visual effects and hollywood heroics that did it, but keep in mind, the things on this earth are only a reflection of either the glory of God or the evil of Satan.


In the beginning...  

Posted by Artimus Jones

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and I created a weblog. Alright, so it isn't nearly has amazing as what God did, but it is a start... Then again maybe it is the middle. Technically I have been around for about 22 years and some odd months, I just haven't gone by the name Aritmus Jones. That is a made up name. I created it about 2 years ago and then forgot about it until recently, now it/he/I am back. My real name is Shaun, and you are more than welcome to refer to me as such, infact, I like my name alot and no one calls me Artimus Jones as it is. So why create a name like Artimus Jones for a blog? pseudonym perhaps? I don't really know. Why not?!

Anyway, I kind of don't believe that I am actually doing this to begin with. I have enjoyed reading other people blogs, but never really imagined myself writing one. I think I just need something to keep me busy here at work. It is kind of slow this time of year, so I haven't much to do. Maybe I will use this space to post my new work (im in a band and kind of fancy myself as a writer). Or maybe I will use this as a form of decompression. Or maybe I will just ramble. Those who know me know that is what I do best. I like to talk, just usually I can see or atleast envision someone on the recieving end; even if they aren't actually being receptive at the time.
Who knows what this will become. I guess you will just have to stay tuned and find out. Hows that for a hook?! Can't beat a classic bit of "stay tuned" or "until next time" television lingo. So with that:

This is Artimus Jones signing off. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures!!!