Dreaming of dreaming...  

Posted by Artimus Jones

I have no idea what to write about. I started writing about dreams, but after about a paragraph and a half I backspaced half of it and then selected and deleted the rest (and I only did that when I realized hitting backspace was taking so long). I think I was just trying to be too profound. I love my dreams most of the time, and I really think God is trying to speak something to me through some of those dreams. Only problem is, Im not some kind of jungian analyst. Dreams escape me in my sleep and they escape me in real life. Maybe I ought not worry about it and just enjoy them for what they are. If God wants to speak to me, may I understand the words He is using.

Oh man, now I am tired, see what I get for thinking to early in the morning. Thats the end of that.


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