In the beginning...  

Posted by Artimus Jones

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and I created a weblog. Alright, so it isn't nearly has amazing as what God did, but it is a start... Then again maybe it is the middle. Technically I have been around for about 22 years and some odd months, I just haven't gone by the name Aritmus Jones. That is a made up name. I created it about 2 years ago and then forgot about it until recently, now it/he/I am back. My real name is Shaun, and you are more than welcome to refer to me as such, infact, I like my name alot and no one calls me Artimus Jones as it is. So why create a name like Artimus Jones for a blog? pseudonym perhaps? I don't really know. Why not?!

Anyway, I kind of don't believe that I am actually doing this to begin with. I have enjoyed reading other people blogs, but never really imagined myself writing one. I think I just need something to keep me busy here at work. It is kind of slow this time of year, so I haven't much to do. Maybe I will use this space to post my new work (im in a band and kind of fancy myself as a writer). Or maybe I will use this as a form of decompression. Or maybe I will just ramble. Those who know me know that is what I do best. I like to talk, just usually I can see or atleast envision someone on the recieving end; even if they aren't actually being receptive at the time.
Who knows what this will become. I guess you will just have to stay tuned and find out. Hows that for a hook?! Can't beat a classic bit of "stay tuned" or "until next time" television lingo. So with that:

This is Artimus Jones signing off. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures!!!


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