Coffee And Zombies  

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Yesterday I woke up ready to start a new work week. I put in my contacts, brushed my teeth, had my shower and all that jazz before walking downstairs to sit infront of my computer in my office. It's an easy thing for me to get to work in the mornings, since I work from home I can litterally role out of bed and hobble downstairs in my pjs and bed head if I am running a little late. But yesterday I actually made myself ready because I was determined to have a prosperous day.

As I was sitting infront of my computer I started by checking to see if I had any pressing client emails... Nothing. Then I looked to see if my business partner was online yet... Nope. I thought that was a little odd as usually there is something going on but I just chalked it up to happy clients and a slightly late business partner. I went to get myself some breakfast while I waited for something to happen. Since I didn't have cereal left I had some hot chocolate and cookies. Breakfast of Champions.

After breakfast I checked to see if there was any change in my inbox, still nothing, and my business partner was still no where to be found. This was shaping up to be a boring day. I decided at that point to take my morning off and start calling some clients after lunch to take care of some small nagging but relatively unimportant things. My brother then wanders downs stairs and decideds to go out and get some goceries and the like and, seeing as how I had no cereal for breakfast, decided to go with him. While we were out we ran into Kenny (the bassist at church) and tells us he decided to go out with is daughter to do some shopping since he didn't have to work today. *he doesn't have to work, hmmm, I wonder why.... MARTIN LUTHER KING JR DAY!! Duh!*

I can't believe I forgot that, no wonder there was nothing to be done, it was a day off. I proceeded to take the rest of the day off and really enjoy myself and boy did I. I watched a zombie movie (I love zombie movies) and then I went out for coffee with a friend that last nearly four and a half hours. How totally awesome. It was quite a pleasent suprise to have an extra day off, even though I was ready to work that morning. I considered it a blessing and a gift.

And here comes the turn.

Often times I think we get caught up in the drudgery of life, and whether we look forward to the next day or not we fail to see the smaller elements of the day that give us clues to what is really going on. I failed to realize that there was a holiday going on at first and if I hadn't come to that realization I might have missed a fair amount of joy because I would have felt like I had to "work" all day even if I didn't have something to do.

I believe God wants us to be productive in our day to day lives, but not without paying attention to the clues throughout our days, our lives that lead us to realizing something bigger. There is joy to be had. There is freedom to be attained. He has given us hope through his son. And he has given it is a gift. It is not something to be earned, it is something to be accepted and enjoyed and enjoyed fully, like a 4 hour conversation over coffee that was gone in the first 30 min. Like a zombie movie in the middle of the day with a friend (if you like that sort of thing). And then we should go the step further and show others the gift we have and tell them to take it too. It is a gift we have all been given. Don't let it sit there gathering dust just because you have "work" to do. I assure you at the end of your days all the "work" you did will have amounted to very little. God still wants us to do our work well, but he also wants us to enjoy the things He has given us.