The second day...  

Posted by Artimus Jones

On the second day God seperated the expanses and created sky... And me? I woke up with a twitchy eyelid. It has been along time since the last time my eyelid twiched, it is the most bizzare feeling in the world. It is like someone had attached a fishing line to my eyelid and would give it a few gentle tugs every few moments. Just enough for me remember I didn't have total control.

So far nothing particularly exciting has happened, but I suppose that is the problem with writing at the beginning of the day, not enough time has passed for major excitement. At least not today, but for that I am thankful, no sense in waking up and discovering half the world has floated off into space after being severed and set into motion by a gang of teenage extra terestrials who had too much to drink. Not that I really think that would ever happen. Im not sure what I think of the existence of aliens, doesn't much concern me at the moment though.

On the other hand, I do believe in the existence of other worlds, but not far off in space, rather right here among us. Not to try and scare anyone, but there is a spiritual battle going on and we go on completely unaware that we are the very ones whos fate rests on the outcome of the battle. It is the long time battle between good and evil, heaven and hell, God and Satan. God will win, do not doubt that, but make sure you know where you stand and which side you take, it is important, it is eternity. Why do I bring this up? I saw Constantine last night, it was a great movie. It strengthend in my mind the reality of the war, granted it was alot of visual effects and hollywood heroics that did it, but keep in mind, the things on this earth are only a reflection of either the glory of God or the evil of Satan.


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