Hey! Look at me...  

Posted by Artimus Jones

Hey! Hey! Hey!
That is what the little boy outside the store keeps yelling. Over and over he repeats that word. He says it forcefully and with passion. Everytime someone walks by. Hey!
I miss the days when I could sit there and yell for the sake of hearing my voice. Then it was cute, or atleast expected of a kid of such a young age, now if I were to sit out there and yell Hey! over and over again they would probably remove me from the mall. It is funny how those things happen. The changes age brings.

Live it up kid, enjoy your cuteness and everthing it brings. Being sexy just doesn't have the same benifits. HA HA HA.

If you think about it, I guess that age of cuteness that brings with it soo many social graces doesn't truely end, it just gets post-poned. There is another age that allows you to act without inhibitions, here's to being a dirty old man. HEY!


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