Something Big  

Posted by Artimus Jones

Im looking for something profound to write. All to often I sit down to write and expect to be the next great writer. The Saint Augustine of today. I think part of that comes from my desire to be remembered. I want to have an effect on the world. In fact, I want to change the world.

I have felt for a long time now that God has something big planned for me. I can't figure out how it is to play out though. Once, I remember very distinctly God was trying to tell me something. I wanted more of Him, I wanted the kind of relationship with Him that the heros of Christendom had. I wanted what everyone else had with God. Then He stopped me short and told me something. He said He wanted a relationship with me that was special. I wanted what everyone else had, He wanted what no one else had. A relationship unique to me.

Have I attained that yet?, I don't know, I don't think so. It is hard to reach a point when you don't know what it is you are reaching. I still believe I have yet to get there. Maybe when I get to where I am going with God I will have done something big, maybe I will have changed the world. Or maybe I already am and I can't see it. Maybe I spend to much time trying to figure out God, at least it keeps me busy.


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