My little secret...  

Posted by Artimus Jones

I love writing. I always have. I can remember writing or drawing everytime I had a writing implement and paper. I even used to journal, but I could never seem to stick with that one. Inevitably my writing was all transformed to some form of poetry or lyric. Journaling never lasted for me for one specific reason. I couldn't and still can't grasp the idea of writing something that no one is going to look at.

I believe that when you write something it is because you desire to tell someone something. That at some point, at some time, either down the road or just across the street, you want what you have written to be read. Often times there is abit of fear in us to disclose our inmost secrets to a person formally and in person, so we write them down. Yet, just because we write them down doesn't mean we don't want them to be read. It is only a question of time. If you wanted your secrets to remain a secret you wouldn't have written them down in the first place. The best kept secrets between 3 men are when 2 of them are dead. I believe that was Ben Franklin, though I could be wrong.

As for me, my time is now, my thoughts and secrets are here, and my fear extends only as far as my signature.


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