Seriously, where are my peeps at?  

Posted by Artimus Jones

Wow, talk about a long time between posts, what is that... nearly a month? Woah, I need to post more often. It certainly isn't due to lack of things to say, I always have something I can say. Only the question remains, does anyone want to hear it? I guess that is a good question which I still haven't entirely found the answer to.

As I initially said in my first post (maybe it was the second... okay I just check and it turned out to be my seventh post, I really have been gone awhile) I think that anytime we write something it is because we want someone to someday read what we wrote, some part of us wants desperately to expose our deepest most intimate parts to the whole of another or many others, otherwise we would be too afraid to commit those closely gaurded areas of our lives to paper. Well, I am certainly not afraid to write. I think that one of the main reasons that I haven't been back to write on this in a while is because I was and still am unsure of what kind of readership I am getting. I would love to see someone post sometime in response to what I have to say. Don't let me live in my own egomainia assuming that all my thoughts are true and final. I need to be contradicted, I need to learn, otherwise how will I ever reach the day when I truely am right about everything? Ha, Ha, Ha!

Here is a little follow up, several posts back (Im not going to bother guessing how many this time) I mentioned an all night prayer and worship thing. Well it is going to happen tomorrow. It is so cool, I can't wait for it to get started. Also, just the other day my band, Corban, got its first website up in time for our first show on April 30th.

For now I am leaving, but I will promise to write more if you promise to read more. Deal? Deal.

...why am I not satisfied with that response?...


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