Money Talks...  

Posted by Artimus Jones

Money talks... or so the saying goes. I think it is true. I know that in my life I am always in constant communication or argument with money. It has become a driving force in the world. It is a necessary evil. We have the ability to make it work for us, or we can end up working for it. The question is at what point are we using it and at what point does it start using us.

One would think that such opposite ends of the spectrum would run so very far from each other, creating an easily recognized and distinguishable point of beginning and ending. However that is just not the case. It is a fine line before you start to work for money.

I wouldn't say I have ever been wealthy. I have known before the suffocating feeling the lack of financial stability can bring. But then, though I am considered to fall below the poverty level for a single white male in VT, I am able to look around and recognize that for a "poor" guy, I am doing pretty well. So, being not wealthy, I am drawn to a desire to experiencing the freedoms we are told we will have when we are financially stable. And yet, not being poor, I haven't entirely grown to appreciate the things I do have.

So where does this all come from? Well, I have been trying to decide as of late what I am going to do as far as a job is considered in the coming months or years. I presently have a choice in front of me. I can become the Manager of Hosaku, the place I am working now, or I can become manager and business partner in a new Nextel store opening up. Take those things and toss in the added fact that I am currently working on my own start up company by the name of Amp'd Ink, and you have a big potential mess. Nextel is sure to offer me more money and benefits right now, however hours might be longer. In the long run it will also offer me money in the form of securities, if it does well, I do well. However, the whole while, I would still be working for a corporation. I want to be my own boss by starting something new, which I am doing. Ahh, here is another twist. I can work on my business at both locations. I like Hosaku, that is the only thing it really has going for it. So therefore it seems rather plain, there is an obvious choice. Why, then, am I here complaining of lack of direction. Cause I am confused, that is why.

Am I making my money work for me, or am I working for money if I take the obvious choice? Or, is this what God has for me? Or, are both choices equally valid and God is just going to make me choose?

How I wish that these things could be easier...


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