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The profundities of life come during the most unanticipated moments. This is what I learned today, brilliance is simple. No, I am not saying that it is easy to be brilliant, though maybe it is for all I know. I am saying that the truely brilliant things ever done or concieved are truely plain and simple. They are the "why didn't I think of it" moments.

Here is an example. God made Adam,it was good, Adam was lonely, lonliness was not good, God made Eve, BRILLIANT!! It is so plain, and so simple, it was Brilliant.

So how does this relate to me... I was sitting alone in the shop wishing I had someone to talk to. I decided to go to Brooks pharmacy to get some food. I asked the girl at the counter how she was doing today. She told me all about how tired she was cause she had to get up at 6:30 and she won't get to sleep when she gets home cause she has to watch her brother and sister cause her mom is going into the hospital. All this said to a complete stranger. However, I felt better cause I had a conversation, I felt useful. And I imagine she felt better cause someone would listen to her. Outcome, two people feeling better.

The simple things always are.

- Art

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